If you are trying to hunt your next job, you will know that  you compete with hundreds of candidates for each job, so it is crucial that you know  how to make a good resume, as this will give you more options to get your next interview.

Invest as long as necessary to make that curriculum perfect, until every detail fits and every word is perfectly in place.

Rule number 1: Learn to sell yourself

You should keep in mind that the main objective of a curriculum is to capture the attention of the person reading it. Your resume, along with the cover letter, serve to sell you . Think of your resume as an advertisement, where you are the product or service that is offered, and you have to elicit the interest of the company to buy you.

For this your curriculum must gather a series of qualities that are not easy to get, but that you can be perfecting with the experience:

Rule number 2: The reader of your curriculum is your client

Just as companies design attractive products for their customers, your resume should appeal to the person reading it.

Think Apple’s iPhone, it’s a sensational phone, stand out and get the attention .

Your resume should be the iPhone of the curriculum, beside you, your competitors should seem irrelevant.

The best way to highlight is to make your competition irrelevant.

Ask yourself, how many television or internet ads do you see at the end of the day? How many do you remember? Probably none or very few, only those that are worth it.

Well in the case of the person who is going to read your curriculum the same thing happens, do you think if that person reads 50 curriculum every day, are you going to remember everyone? Surely not, you will remember only those who stand out , the rest do not deserve a minute of attention and, of course, the job.

Rule number 3: You have 10 seconds

If all this I’m telling you seems difficult, add one more thing: you only have ten seconds to sell. Nothing else. It is proven that people who read resumes first “scan” them with their eyes for 10 seconds, and if they find it interesting, they continue.

You should focus on getting impressed the person reading the CV and think: “this is the person I’m looking for . ” If you get that effect, it will take you a little while to receive a call or email to set up a job interview.

It is not about impressing based on studies or professional experience, instead it is about getting the reader’s attention from the curriculum and connecting with him.

Rule number 4: responds to why, how and what

Why should I read this curriculum? What’s so special, what makes you different from the rest, and why they should offer you the job.

How is the candidate you are looking for? How can this candidate help the company based on their experience and knowledge.

What qualities do you look for in the ideal candidate? What skills and abilities are most needed to perform that job.

When thinking about how to do your curriculum you should try to answer these questions and demonstrate that you are the right candidate for the job, how your professional experience can help the company and why you are better than the rest .

You will also see a series of tricks that will allow you to make your curriculum much more effective, filling each of the sections (description of your curriculum, work experience, skills).