Curriculum vitae or CV is a very important document to find employment. That is why it is difficult to summarize it even though it is expected that the CV is a summary of the work life and training of a person. It is understandable that you want to say everything you know how to do and have done so that the coach sees everything you know how to do and have carried out in your work life. But that it is understandable does not mean that it is correct to do it.

As I said, a curriculum vitae should be a summary and therefore must gather the characteristics of the summaries: express the idea¬† of being a professional “of your own” , make the coach understand with accuracy , quality and in abbreviated form¬† what you identifies as professional “of your own”. Therefore, it should only include essential and relevant elements for that job.

Before continuing reading and revealing the right sizes, ask yourself this: what time would you spend reading about the work of a mason, electrician, etc. What do you want to hire for a retirement? It is very important that you put yourself in the place of the coach and imagine that you asked a professional and you have in front of you a lot of folios (of a size similar to a 500-sheet package). Are you really going to read all the pages in detail? What information do you want to know? How much paper do you think it takes to respond to your questions?


The answer I have to separate it in two cases:

  1. People without work experience or with work experience of 1 or 2 companies or different positions. In this case, your resume should never (again, never) exceed the A4 sheet or sheet on one side.

Now that you should use a sheet does not mean that you put the size of the letter tiny or huge, I have seen both cases and although the CV is on a single sheet or sheet performing those “tricks” with the sizes of the letters and others will not make it exceed the curriculum screening.

  1. People with extensive work experience (more than 3 companies or positions). In this case the curriculum vitae can reach 2 sheets or sheets at most by a single face.

In this case the same thing happens as in the previous one, the size, spacing and formats must be normal. To help you with this, what you can do is go from the basic to the broad.

The first thing you should do is create a scheme with the essential and optional sections of the CV . And once you have the scheme value you can add in the available space (according to the previous differentiation) to complete the CV and not leave it empty or saturate it.

Another thing you can do to check the result, is to check it a few days later to see what feeling creates you ( missing or something left? ) And to have someone available to ask you to review the resume.