Dress to impress. Should try dressing well. It is not necessary to wear a suit, but putting in a shirt and tie is a good start. Bank tellers usually dress well so it would be good to dress as if you were to work that day. This can be decisive for the interview.

Make eye contact and give a firm handshake to the person you interview. Do not force yourself too much to shake hands or act as if you were in a contest of looks. Try to show your personality while still acting like a pro.

Get ready to answer questions about your customer service experience. ¬†You’ll probably be asked specific questions about how you handle different situations with customers. Banks expect their employees to be obsequious even when the customer is wrong, so try to answer the questions with the idea that the customer is always right.

They might also ask you how you would deal with a difference in money and how you would balance that difference. Get ready to answer questions about sales. It is very likely that the manager asks you to sell something, for example, I could say “convince me to buy this pen.” They will want you to come out and offer their products. Get ready!

For example, if in the interview you are asked if you have ever done something good for a customer but bad for the company, try to respond that you think not because what is good for the customer is almost always good for the company as well.

Try to demonstrate qualities that will position you as a good candidate for the job. The qualities that the manager will look for will be honesty, trust, a firm criterion and ability to do several tasks at the same time.