Let’s see now how you can structure your cover letter and how to fill each section of the cover letter to impress the person who reads:

 1. Opening

In this section you present yourself and make reference to the job offer in which you are interested. The first thing to do is to contact the contact person. Ideally, you should know the name of the person, to personalize the letter as much as possible.


2. Present the problem or need of the company from a business point of view

Next what you are going to do is talk about the problem or need of the company for which you need to hire a person for that job.

This, which may seem to go against logic (since the letter is supposed to talk about you) is tremendously important, since in putting the needs of the company in your own interest, you are showing them that you understand their problems and you’re really interested in what they need.

Identify what type of need or problem you are trying to solve. Here are a few sentences to start this section:

“In my opinion, the needs of your company are focused on the following aspects …”

“I understand that your company is in a moment where you need …”

“According to the information I have gathered about your company, during the next few years, your strategic plan contemplates the need to …”

The effect you intend to achieve in this section is that the person reading the letter think: “Exactly, that is my problem”

3. Submit your solution and the ideal Candidate Profile: What qualities do you have?

Then you will continue to put yourself in the point of view of the company, and you will tell them what you think they need to solve their problems or needs, describing the profile of the ideal candidate for that job.

Good phrases for this section are:

“Given the needs of your company, in my opinion the ideal candidate will be the one who meets the following qualities …”

“I understand that your company is at a time when you are looking for a candidate to help you …”

“In order to achieve its objectives, the company should look for a person who, in my opinion, has a profile …”

In this section you want the person reading it to think: “Exactly, that’s the person I need”

 4. Show that your profile is ideal

Now it’s when it comes to selling, you’re going to use techniques similar to the ones I told you when it comes to writing your curriculum and what you’re going to do is show that you have the profile of the ideal candidate.

This section you can open it starting with phrases like:

“In this sense, my profile adapts to what you are looking for …”

“Given my experience and my professional qualities, I think I am a very good candidate for this job …”

“My profile fits perfectly with what you are looking for …”

In this section, the reader will be sold and will think: “This may be the person I’m looking for”

5. Closing

Last but not least, openly ask for an interview:

“For all this I think it would be interesting to arrange a job interview”

“In this sense, and given that the interests of the company are aligned with my experience and professional goals, I think it would be beneficial for both parties to arrange a job interview”