In order to alleviate the effect of cutting public services, wages and employment, the intensification of unpaid domestic work is being promoted once again, and to this end, macho and patriarchal stereotypes that link women with care tasks are again strengthened. At home, at most allowing the greater number of hours of domestic work to be combined with part-time employment very poorly paid. That is the explanation not only of the labor reforms but of the intensity with which the sexist and reactionary culture that was already almost extinct in our societies is being re-disseminated.

Making the economy work better and more satisfactorily requires reversing this trend that is being imposed. It is essential to improve the conditions in which women can decide about their lives and their work, providing the means that we know are those that make it possible: quality public services, nursery 

Schools, decent jobs with security in the workplace and decent wages for women and men. And, of course, demanding from the whole society and especially from men a full co-responsibility when carrying out work in the home on which welfare, happiness and the reproduction of our existence depends mainly.