The job search tips sheets contain the basics of successful job search. Job seekers, employment specialists and priesthood and Relief Society leaders will benefit from familiarizing themselves with the information contained in this series of brochures.

Job search planning
Having a plan for the method you will follow in your job search will help you get better results in that task. This tip sheet will help you plan your time more effectively.

How to survive unemployment
Being unemployed can be a difficult experience. There are many aspects that should be considered. This tip sheet lists the various things you can do to cope with unemployment and find work.

Positive statements

In order to function efficiently, you must have the ability to express your strengths and achievements to employers and people in your network of contacts. This tip sheet will help you write compelling and concise statements that you can use when looking for work, and even when writing your CV, in interviews, when interacting with other people and following up on your activities.

Extending the contact network effectively

Establishing relationships with other people is the most effective way to seek employment. This tip sheet points out the people who make up your circle, how to add more people to it and how to manage their activities to relate to those people.

Techniques for interviews

Preparing well for an interview will help you act with confidence and make a good impression on your interlocutor (s). This tip sheet will help you prepare to answer elementary questions that are formulated in an interview with extraordinary answers that make it stand out from the rest of the interviewees.

How to write a curriculum vitae or CV

The preparation of a curriculum vitae that transmits its strengths can be a challenge. This tip sheet includes recommendations that will help you stand out from others.

Written documents (cover letters, applications and thank you letters)

In addition to your resume, chances are that in your job search you have to write cover letters, fill out applications and send follow-up and thank-you letters. This tip sheet will help you write each of these documents.

Effective negotiation

By accepting a job offer, you probably have the opportunity to negotiate the salary, benefits and other labor aspects with the employer. This tip sheet will help you know when to negotiate and help you do it effectively.

Job fairs

There are some things you can do to prepare yourself to get the most out of job fairs. This tip sheet will help you get the most out of job fairs.

How to earn your daily bread

Each person has the responsibility to support himself and to support his family. This tip sheet offers steps you can take to be self-sufficient.