For poor and vulnerable people in society who do not have land or capital, employment is an effective way to improve their quality of life and support their families, also being a way out of poverty.
The improvement of employment opportunities should be included in the development agenda of a country, since the reduction of wages or the loss of a job can lead a family to poverty.
A conception of the State or system of democratic government that contemplates all citizens, that protects parity, that guarantees social justice is indispensable in the valuation of work and of the human being.

In the standard of living, where poverty decreases with employment especially in countries with less margin of redistribution of state wealth.

In productivity, since it increases efficiency as the worker improves his performance and more productive jobs arise.

The cohesion of society, since work gives a sense of belonging and opportunities to people of different social and racial origins.

In situations of social crisis, the employment of young men, represents an alternative to violence and crime, helping to restore peace.