A while ago I read this phrase and it stays in my head. What does it mean that my job is not my job? In other words, what is the difference between work and employment? Well, like many other things that have been losing their true meaning over time, work is something that over the years became synonymous with employment, but deep down they are not the same.

Your job is when they hire you to carry out some functions and they pay you for that. Whether you have a job from 8am to 5pm, or you do it for projects, or that you are a freelancer, etc., technically your job is the paid activity with which you earn your daily bread.

And, I do not want to demerit your job, at all, but as it is usually about fulfilling some functions, it is more likely that you are not essential, so that in that case, someone else with a profile similar to yours can replace you.

While your work is what you create with your mind and what you do with your own hands, it is everything you do and that nobody else can do, because it combines your talent, your passion and your experience.

It is something that cannot be replaced, because you are unique and unrepeatable.

Besides, your work is transcendental, because it is what you came to share with the world, it is your contribution. So your work is the perfect mix of what you love to do, what you are allowed to do, what you can give to the world.

Your work is not your job.

If all work were a job, then the volunteers, or the housewives, or any other who performed an activity without compensation, would not be doing anything, and that is not true, although more than one out there think that it is.

And of course, seeing it in perspective, the ideal would be that your work would also be your job, that is, that your work, what you love, what you are passionate about, what only you can do, will generate the economic resources to live peacefully. But for that to happen, you will have to first identify what it is, what is the job you want to do, and then make that your job and earn good money with it.

What is the difference between work and employment?

What worries me, and why today I am encouraged to write about it, is that I feel that nowadays things happen completely the other way around. People seek only based on the possibilities of getting a well-paid job, that is, they look for a job not guided by their passions, their talents and their contribution, but by the money they can earn and the steps they can take. Ascend.

What’s more, have you ever heard advertisements from universities or schools? Not all, but many say “Study with us and improve your work level” or “If you want a better job enter our institution” They are not interested in providing valuable tools or help you to be better in what you do, your promise of value is that you are going to win more ticket. Sad…

And as I always tell you, it is not that winning more money is bad, in fact this blog is about that, to win 100% billet. But I really do not think that one has to go and get the money and do whatever it takes, I think that if you know what you like and work and train in that, then success and money come because they arrive, not there is dude.