The way to look for a job, as well as the types of work, have been changing from generation to generation. Currently, we live in a moment in which job search is a job in itself and where job opportunities are not similar to what many were used to.

This generational change in type and in the conception of work affects not only those who are going to start their working life, but (and perhaps to a greater extent) those who seek employment after a consolidated career path and who must adapt to the change of the conditions imposed by the labor market.

Having said that, and with an eye toward a job, it is worth wondering what to give importance in the search, that is, what factors or elements are going to be more beneficial to achieve a job. Below are three elements that must be given importance in general and two that must be given particular importance, which are key in achieving employment.

The curriculum is an element that needs no introduction. It is evident that an acceptable formation will open a wider path than the formative lack. It goes without saying that the achievement of a specific position will require specific training.

But this well-known and understood element has been undergoing changes over the years. It is not uncommon to listen to retired elderly people who do not understand how their grandchildren, with specific training (and certainly in various sectors) cannot find work (“in my time, the one who did not work was because he did not want to and one job was for all lifetime”).

Undoubtedly, despite the promising that it may seem to have a job with a lifetime guarantee, working conditions have improved since then until now, a circumstance that has not been the result of spontaneous generation, but rather a struggle of generations of people. Workers by a circumstantial advance of the labor law, which, even now follows, fluctuating, to the detriment or benefit of the employee, depending on the law that protects it.

The new generations have a much more specific preparation than the one they had years ago, so the search can pose it in another way. There are more and more training offers that cause this phenomenon, in addition to continuous work training, which means providing workers with new and / or renewed professional knowledge. In this way, we find people whose curriculum has enlarged the large portfolio of job search.